Wednesday, June 09, 2010

What's on the menu for Father's Day? Steaks and cupcakes?

 My dad, Henry G. Saperstein

My dad isn't around anymore, but my main food memories of him are his breakfasts: either Hebrew National salami, sliced and fried with eggs, or tinned sardines eaten with crackers and Gulden's spicy brown mustard. His tastes weren't very sophisticated, but he was excited to discover a world of more vibrant flavors when he left his mother's traditional Jewish kitchen and joined the Air Force. He loved discovering Mexican food and Chinese food, even the watered-down versions we got back in the day. Like me, he liked his food good and spicy, and like me, he often wished they would invent something new for lunch.
If your dad is still around, you could have a Dad box of cupcakes delivered from Sprinkles from June 18-20, and everyone in his house would probably thank you. The box comes with red velvet, black and white, vanilla milk chocolate, and a luscious peanut butter chip that's not at all too sweet. I was sent a sample box in anticipation of Father's Day, and if your dad is has a sweet tooth, they'd be just the thing. If not, maybe a Hebrew National salami would do the trick.


santos. said...

holy cow! my entire childhood television entertainment was RULED by AIP and your dad's movies and tv shows--the beach party series, godzilla and roger corman movies, mr. magoo! AND i owned both a lassie and a lone ranger lunch box.

i think my dad's more of a hebrew national salami guy. and definitely tins of sardines.

Pizza Shop said...

Very nice chocolates i like it

Erinn@SundayDish said...

Great suggestion and you're Dad certainly was dapper.
Enjoy your blog very much, so thanks!

Elise Thompson said...

My dad had a think for tinned corned beef. They probably would have gotten along well.