Saturday, June 26, 2010

Catching up: Highland Park's new wine bar, Echo Park's produce shop, Lucifer's RIP club and more

Busy week...but here's some interesting announcements from around the near-Eastside.

Feast reports that the tiny York Ave. Yucatecan spot Villas Durango will become a wine bar, Highland Cork. Has the wine-sipping population reached enough critical mass in the area to support a wine bar? Hard to say -- the newer spots like Good Girl Dinette and Cafe de Leche are welcome, but they're still few and far between. And does anyone actually eat at Marty's, or is it mainly a lounge now?

Not the actual Cookbook, but a lovely vision of a neighborhood greengrocer

Los Angeles Magazine reports that Homegrown LA's Marta Teegan will open Cookbook on Echo Park Ave. in Echo Park. It's a "community-supported greengrocer," with fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, bread and more. With classes, readings and tastings, this place sounds almost too good to be true -- reminiscent of San Francisco's cool 18 Reasons non-profit food space -- so I hope the community will support Cookbook.
Are you a Lucifer's Pizza fan? The gothy-themed Lucifer's on Hillhurst just launched the R.I.P. (Rewards in Pizza) Club for frequent pizza consumers who can get one free pizza after buying 10. Members of the R.I.P club who buy 10 pizzas before August 15 will also get a chance to win a trip to Sin City...Vegas, that is.
Xoia Eats modern Vietnamese on Sunset in Echo Park is now open...more soon after I get a chance to try it, but it looks great so far.

And lastly, Baba Ji of Cowboys and Turbans is turning the liquor store next to Rambutan into Silver Lake Natural Food Market...I wish that corner had been so happening when I lived there and it was Cafe Tropical, the old Italian restaurant where Rambutan is, or nothing.


christie said...

But Cafe Tropical does have its merits, despite the cast of AA members that wander in constantly from meetings nextdoor.

And no. I don't know anyone in HP or Eagle Rock that goes to Marty's when there is the York, or the Verdugo nearby.

eastside food bites said...

Well, judging by the York, which is generally packed, I'd say that if you create a fun atmosphere with good drinks, you'll do fine in Highland Park.

Anonymous said...

Who ARE you fucking people and where did you come from exactly???