Thursday, March 04, 2010

Mixt Greens: Wilshire gets a little leafier

Servers choose from a large selection of lettuce, on the rear wall, and various add-ons.

Mixt Greens is the latest addition to the Miracle Mile office corridor, and it's a welcome one indeed after several months of Korean tacos, pork belly French fries and other truck-borne delicacies. I was looking forward to something healthier, and Mixt Greens more or less fills the bill, although it might take a few visits to perfect the system.
Mixt Greens, which also opened Downtown recently, uses the by-now familiar Tender Greens set-up: choose from several salad and protein combos from a buffet of varied, fresh ingredients and watch the counterpeople toss them in front of you. Several sandwiches are also on the menu. The spicy peanuts were a nice touch in the Siam salad.

I chose the Siam salad with grilled chicken ($11.50 including tax), but it seems like the ingredients didn't quite come together. It needed a crunchier base, like cabbage, and though I like that they included green papaya like a real Thai salad, it doesn't really work on a bed of baby greens with a light dressing. Maybe next time I'll create my own mix -- say, baby spinach, bacon, blue cheese and roasted potatoes for $6.95?The redo includes a communal table and a living wall of lettuce.

-Anything would be better than O to Go, and they did a nice job on the remodel.
-Love the lettuce wall.
-Large selection of ingredients.
-Counterpeople seem efficient enough.
-Not sure my salad was worth twice as much as a similar combo from the Ralphs' salad bar.
-It's hard to hear all the questions the counterperson asks, so I wasn't sure if I ordered medium or heavy dressing, and apparently I refused the bread.
-I'd like to see some more cruciferous veggies -- cabbage, broccoli, maybe roasted cauliflower.

Mixt Greens
5757 Wilshire Blvd.

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Lushe said...

I love the cool vertical gardens.


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