Monday, December 05, 2016

It's Truffle Season at All'Acqua!

There are ravioli hiding under the truffle shower

One thing to remember about being someone who writes about restaurants is Always Say Yes to Truffles. Also, always say yes to caviar, but that's a different post.

So when chef Don Dickman at All'Acqua invited me to try some of his funky-smelling, nubby white morsels, of course I said yes. Dickman got his truffle delivery last Thursday and is cooking up specials on Sundays at the cozy Atwater Italian spot.

Pork chop, truffles, celery root puree, chanterelles, Brussels sprouts
Of course, the fragrance and texture of rare and costly truffles would get lost if it were cooked too much, so truffles are usually grated over the top of a warm dish that warms the fragile fungus and releases its delicate earthiness into the other ingredients.

Whether mixing with nutty brown butter atop housemade spinach ricotta ravioli, topping a duck egg paired with duck prosciutto and toasted bread, or blanketing sliced pork loin over pureed celery root, these dishes are a holiday season indulgence that won't last for long.

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