Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Get Roy Choi's Food While Chilling on the Couch With the Munchery

Ever have a craving for Pot's kimchi-fried rice, but you're so fried from work you absolutely can't move a muscle, except for the one that opens an app on your phone? Or how about cheezy short rib ramen? Chef and serial entrepreneur Roy Choi has partnered with food delivery service Munchery to offer two dishes for home delivery that epitomize his over-the-top, throw a lot of ingredients together that all manage to taste amazing cooking style. Even if you're not hungover, the fried rice makes the perfect quick lunch of dinner. My recommendation would be that one egg mixed into the fried rice is probably just right, while two is just a bit de trop.
Munchery, which is five years old in San Francisco but just launched in L.A. a few months ago, is currently delivering mostly west of Western but plans to add Eastside areas soon. If you're not in the mood for fried rice or ramen, they have a large selection of other entrees and sides to choose from, and everything is cooked fresh each day near L.A. We also tried orecchiette with prosciutto and burrata and chicken with broccolini and black rice. Both were terrific, but but don't mistake this for those austere diet food delivery services -- the restaurant-quality meals don't stint on the butter. Each entree ranges from $8.95 to $11.95, making it pretty similar in price to services like Blue Apron where you cook the meals yourself with ingredients that get shipped across the country. Sure, it would be great to cook every meal at home from scratch, but if you're super busy, these services are a godsend. Delivery to your home or office is $2.95 within a specified window between 4 and 9 pm or $4.50 on demand.
Go to to see if you're in their delivery area and get a look at this week's the menu items.

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