Tuesday, March 05, 2013

What to check out from L.A. Weekly's Plate event: Oleego, Palsaik, Tsujita and Chego Chinatown

Chego's Roy Choi says "Yes, we're coming to Chinatown"

L.A. Weekly's Plate on Sunday was a great chance to catch up with old friends like Jazz at Jitlada and Nguyen at Starry Kitchen, but I was glad to also get to try a few places I haven't been yet. I'm looking forward to introducing friends to the over-the-top joys of Chego's hangover fries and Spam kimchi bowl when the Kogi BBQ truck-spawned restaurant opens soon in the Far East Plaza on Broadway.
Uni and salmon roe over rice
Tsujita LA won me over immediately with a delicate spoonful of sushi rice topped with salmon roe and uni  next to a perfect ball of salmon sushi. I still haven't tried their famous tsukemen ramen, and now they're opening an Annex across Sawtelle.

Oleego's spicy pork

Also Downtown, I was impressed by Oleego by Park's BBQ, a fast-food style Korean spot from one of Koreatown's best BBQ spots in the Target plaza on Figueroa. The spicy pork bulgogi would be excellent with some tangy kimchi on the side. A bowl over white or brown rice, noodles or mixed greens is just $8 with a choice of four sauces.
Palsaik's 8 flavors of pork belly
I appreciated that some of the booths had special displays instead of just dishing out the small plates. One of the most elaborate spreads was at Palsaik, a newish Korean BBQ place on Western that offers 8 flavors of marinated pork belly, with a sales pitch touting the health values of pork belly. And why not?
The biggest flavor bomb at the Taste event was Night + Market's Northern Thai raw salmon, with a blast of rice powder, chilis, lime juice and onions combining for some kind of larb nirvana. Must get back to Night + Market soon.
The event was aso good reminder of a few other places I haven't tried yet: Little Fork and Bizarra Capital. And I'm looking forward to revisiting Rocio's Moles de Dio, although I didn't understand the guy who was asking them "Are you a real restaurant? Because some of these places are just in strip malls." Like that's a bad thing.
The best dessert was Pazzo Gelato's rose ice cream, bringing back long-ago memories of Mashi Malone's, followed by Fluff Ice's fluff ice with Lamill Coffee.
What did you taste at the Plate?

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EAT:LA said...

Great write up Pat! We'd like to add the Nantucket Bay Scallops w/lap cheong relish from Lukshon, they were divine!