Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Win a ticket to L.A. Beer Week's mega beer festival!


You know you want to go to L.A. Beer Week's mondo-sized beer festival at Union Station on Sunday, Sept. 30. It should be a tad cooler by then, the better for trying hundreds of craft beers from 70 breweries repping California and the rest of the world.
Here's how to win: You need to answer these two questions. Then please "Like" EatingLA's Facebook page and put the answers under this post. First person to post a comment with the correct answers  gets one free ticket (value $50!).
1) This year's signature ingredient is prickly pear. What exotic fruit perfumed last year's L.A. beer week collaborative beer?
2) Where was the fledgling L.A. Beer Week festival held in 2009?
I'll notify the winner right away with instructions on how to pick up your ticket, and hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

1) Tamarind
2) Descanso Gardens

Paul Narvaez said...

I also posted the above on your Facebook page.

Paul Narvaez said...

I am Anonymous, btw

Andrew said...


I replied to your original blog post at your email at 9:14AM.

Please advise.



Food GPS said...

Pat, great to see you spreading the word about LA Beer Week. I hope to see you at a bunch of different events, including the finale.