Friday, September 07, 2012

How about some tuna beer? L.A. Beer Week skeds sudsy, prickly fun

Not tuna fish, yuck! (Although there is a smoked salmon beer in Israel.) No, tuna means prickly pear in Spanish, and it's the theme ingredient of this year's L.A. Beer Week -- which is actually 11 days long, since there are so many beer events to fit in. Eagle Rock Brewery has brewed up the signature beer, called Unity, and it's a variation on a Berliner Weisse -- slightly tart, with rye and red and green prickly pear. It will be served at several bars around town and will be served at the epic  LA Beer Week Festival Sept. 30 at Union Station.
But that's not all! Prickly pear may seem like an unusual choice for a theme ingredient, but a number of breweries are incorporating the cactus fruit into different styles of beer:

Cismontane Brewing Company — "Nopal de Trigo" — hefeweizen brewed with hand-pressed prickly pear juice.
El Segundo Brewing Company — "Prickly Dog" — White Dog IPA with prickly pear
Golden Road Brewing — honey blonde brewed with prickly pear fruit, cactus honey, and mesquite-smoked cactus paddles (nopales)
Ladyface Ale Companie — "Opuntia Megasperma" — cask-conditioned Chesebro IPA with locally harvested wild prickly pear fruit. Only one cask was made, which will be available exclusively at the LA Beer Week Festival on 9/30.
Monkish Brewing Co. — "SueƱo Para Los Angeles" — a Belgian-inspired ale brewed with wheat, maize, honey malt, and sour malt, infused with prickly pear puree.
Smog City Brewing Co. — "LABW Saison" — a light farmhouse-style beer spiked with prickly pear.

Can you believe it's already the 4th year for the Beer Float Showdown from Food GPS? This year's is on Saturday, Sept. 29 at Golden Road Brewing, with beer ice cream float collaborations from:
Eagle Rock Brewery + Andre Guerrero & Jan Purdy (The Oinkster / Maximiliano)
• Strand Brewing + Christian Page (Short Order) & Hourie Sahakian (Short Cake)
El Segundo Brewing Co. + Shiho Yoshikawa (Sweet Rose Creamery)
Golden Road Brewing + Josh Graves & Paul Sanguinetti (Ray’s and Stark Bar / C+M)
Beachwood BBQ and Brewing + Tony DiSalvo & Chris Crary (Whist)

Check the L.A. Beer Week website for full info, but also don't miss:
Craft for Crap -- exchange a crappy beer for a craft beer at Beer Belly Sunday, 9/23.
Dogfish Head Ancient Ales dinner at Little Bear with 5 course Andre Guerrero dinner, Monday, 9/24
Echo Park Musical Beer crawl -- Tuesday, 9/25
Firestone Walker suckling pig roast at King's Road Thursday 9/27


Food GPS said...

Tell me you brought back a bottle of smoked salmon beer from Israel. That's probably not one to cellar-age.

Good commentary on the official L.A. Beer Week beer/ingredient, and thanks for featuring L.A. Beer Float Showdown 4. I can't wait to see what the teams come up with this year.

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