Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just one dish: District's spam sliders

spam slider
"It's rich," warned a work colleague who had been to District. "And kind of salty. But really good." He was right -- District is rich, and a bit salty, and porky, and irrestible. At last night's press tasting, the Spam slider that stood out for its insanely inspired juxtaposition of Spam lightly caramelized around the edges, a perfectly fried quail egg, a ripe slice of deep red tomato and the inspired sauce that wove it all together on a mini brioche -- a soy mayonaise. If the cruise ship line that delivered Spam to the stranded passengers had served this unholy mashup of white trash staple with hautewich, those passengers would have had nothing to complain about.

honey mustard pretzel puffs
Though it's probably the Spam sliders that will have me dragging my friends back for a taste, I'd also insist they try bar snacks like fried black-eyed peas and pretzel bites with maple mustard -- like a pretzel donut hole -- and several of District's terrific vegetable dishes like charred broccolini with picked chile or roasted squash with blue cheese. Oh, and chef Kevin Napier has also launched a new oyster bar, for a briny counterpart to the porcine decadence.
District on Sunset
6600 Sunset Blvd.


Gastronomer said...

Drooool! Wish I had attended this tasting. Pretzels and Spam. Damn good stuff!

stuffycheaks said...

Looks awesome, love the thickness of the spam and that perfec egg

Dmarie said...

pretzel doughnut holes...sheer genius!

Download Islamic Books said...

its damn hot with fried egg i m love in it

Unknown said...

My mouth is watering over the spam sliders. Can't wait to try them.