Sunday, October 17, 2010

Intelligentsia Pasadena: Beer, wine and dinner too

The beer and wine bar is at the rear of Intelligentsia Pasadena

It's been a very beery L.A. Beer Week and Friday night we headed over to Intelligentsia's Pasadena location to celebrate their brand-new beer and wine license, which went into effect just a few minutes before we arrived. Jeremy and Ting from Eagle Rock Brewery were there toasting their newest creation, Eagle Rock Stimulus made with Intelligentsia coffee, which is lighter than the usual coffee stout-type brews.
beefy sliders with Humboldt fog cheese

We also tried a Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye; there's a rotating list of four beers on tap and six in bottles as well as a nicely edited wine list. The distinctive beers went well with three beef sliders ($10) and a spicy plate of chorizo and toast ($7) from the expanded menu done by Heirloom LA. For years I complained how hard it was to find some place where there was both good coffee and good beer in the same place, and while I didn't expect to find it in Old Town Pasadena, Intelligentsia is definitely the coolest thing happening in that area. When the evening bar crowd arrives, so does the dj with an excellent selection of vintage vinyl, so unless you like Wire with your writing, don't expect to get your screenplay finished in the evening.
Intelligentsia Pasadena
55 E. Colorado Blvd. (near Raymond)

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Anne said...


We went there for dinner the other night and, sad to say, were very disappointed. They had 4 each or red and white wines from Silverlake wine which were fine; but the food was lacking. The server seemed flustered when we asked for salt & pepper, the shrimp was really undercooked and the only saving grace was the lasagna cupcake. Hope they can get it together!