Sunday, August 01, 2010

Tangier Korean BBQ of Tokyo: Not as strange as it sounds

Anime dolls at a Korean BBQ restaurant -- why not?
This month's Los Feliz Ledger review is Tangier Korean BBQ. Sure, you can get slightly cheaper, more "authentic" Korean bbq not that far away in Koreatown. But don't ignore Tangier just because it has an odd name. Plus, there's a full bar and fun decor complete with Japanese anime characters with wooden booths.
Here's an excerpt from my review:
Pick either a set dinner or a selection of meats, all of which come with a vast array of panchan side dishes, which include cabbage and cucumber kimchi, potato salad, marinated tofu, bean sprouts, black beans, seaweed, anchovies and broccoli leaves.
The meat is the main attraction, although non-beef-eaters can grill up chicken, seafood or vegetables. It’s hard to pass up the weekday deal of $24.99 for unlimited Kobe beef, since that meal also includes chicken and pork kalbi (short ribs). Set meals are huge, adding salad, sashimi and soup to the parade of meats.
The well-marbled Kobe Harami slices are a buttery, tender marvel, tucked into a lettuce wrap with a dab of salty soy paste.
Tangier Korean BBQ of Tokyo, 2138 Hillhurst Ave. (323) 663-2000.

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invisaligngal said...

This is definitely on my list of places to try...always up for new and different Korean bbq locales! And it's closer than K-town!

H. C. said...

as inauthentic as it appears, it looks really fun and more importantly, it looks like a veggie-friendly joint - a rarity for KBBQ eateries

Anonymous said...

Your looking for a veggie friendly bbq joint? What are you doing in a bbq joint in the first place then?... hahaha.

stuffycheaks said...

blow up doll? This is sooo diff from the old Tangiers. Great addition to Hillhurst though

Surender Singh said...

The new look is of a vegas ultra lounge. Nick the bartender is one hell of a guy and takes care of his customers. Andrew, the general manager is as cool as they come. Great food, great atmosphere, great cocktails and service. Don't get startled when you walk in or leave as you are greeted by a chorus of voices from throughout the restaurant. Kid friendly as well! Try it, its a great addition to the neighborhood!

Surender Singh. 15 yr local.

Unknown said...

Had lunch there the other day and it was 80 degrees outside but 120 degrees inside and no ventilation. Uggg. You would think that with all that smoke they would come up with a better plan. The food was so so.

Anonymous said...

I gifted a voucher to my brother for the all-you-can-eat deal for two. My brother spent a couple years in Korea so I thought he would enjoy it. Unfortunately, this is the first time I've received negative feedback from a gift I've given anyone through livingsocial. Tangier seems more like in the business of hustling than in retaining a committed clientele. Upon arrival, my brother and his guest were told to wait at the bar for over a half hour even while the place was noticeably empty. Drink are expensive so come prepared. The meat was good but not authentic Korean. The service was good too but then they charged a living social tax on the bill?!?! So, if you have a deal to this place, watch out, they'll get you to spend your cash somehow.